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The Summer of Movies

I’ve found myself with more free time this summer than I expected, so I’ve been watching just about any movie I can get my hands on (thank you Netflix). Below is the ongoing list of the movies I’ve watched, and I’ll be updating it as the Summer continues. Leave suggestions in the comments or via […]

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EdX To Offer Free Advanced Placement Courses For High Schoolers | IFLScience

EdX To Offer Free Advanced Placement Courses For High Schoolers | IFLScience. It has been amazing to watch as technology and the internet open up access to education, and this new initiative from EdX is a great example. From the article – While the AP program has been expanding over the last decade, these advanced courses are still unavailable […]

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The fickle mood of muses

I’ve been writing lyrics a lot recently, but I keep finding myself writing words for specific people and as those people come and go from my life the desire to continue writing wanes. I have a private joke with myself about a song titled ‘The Fickle Mood of Muses’ that I come back to when […]

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Back in freshman year of college I took an English course based around time travel, a topic I’ve always loved to think about. Below is the final paper I wrote for the course (including citations). Enjoy! The Paradox of Temporal Paradoxes defines a paradox thus: “A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true.” […]