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‘I don’t believe in fairytales’

Years ago I wrote down the following words –

I don’t believe in fairytales, that love can cure whatever ails, but if you’d love me and all that entails, then I might believe in fairytales.

The words were written for a girlfriend at the time, and were saved into text document and misplaced until I rediscovered them a few months ago and started trying to write a song. It’s far from done, but here are the lyrics I have so far –

I thought that I had found true love
That happily ever after stuff
But sometimes happy endings
Don’t turn out like they should

Now helpless is the hardest part
It saddens every lonely heart
And now I’m sleeping handsome
Waiting for my true loves kiss

I don’t, I don’t, believe in fairytales
I’m too far gone to hope that someone cares
But I keep on hanging on to this whole love affair
Cause I want to believe in fairytales