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Site updates and move to Letterboxd

I like WordPress for its simplicity, but sometimes relying on the available themes and plugins can lead to various issues. After fiddling with the site and plugin preferences to try to fix a plugin error that I was seeing on the WordPress Dashboard, I somehow irreparably broke the previous theme and layout I was using. Instead of trying to fix it I decided... It's time for a NEW LOOK! Enter...

The Cinephile – Life Edition

It's been an ongoing project, but I think I've finally put together a master list of every movie I've ever watched! It currently totals 909 films, spanning many genres - though I'm sure people can pick up on my favorites. You can check it out here. My current goal is to get to 1000 before the end of the year, so if you're bored and want to watch a movie that's not on this list, just let me know!

Folly of the Week – Joseph

Each Friday, Andrew and friends will tell you about something that caught their attention this week – a song, a book, a video game. If you have suggestions for Folly of the Week, send it to us at inpraiseoffolly@gmail.com. Joseph (aka Dearborn) is a group of sisters that sing gorgeous 3 part harmony accompanied by a guitar. I stumbled across them this week via opbmusic where they did a short...