Folly of the Week – Pop Culture Happy Hour

Each Friday, Andrew and friends will tell you about something that caught their attention this week – a song, a book, a video game. If you have suggestions for Folly of the Week, send it to us at

Pop Culture Happy Hour is a podcast that was bred from the NPR site, Monkey See, who’s ‘about’ page reads like this –

Monkey See is all about pop culture, aspiring to be both a friend to the geek and a translator for the confused.

pop-culture-happy-hourThe podcast features host Linda Holmes and a panel of pop culture “specialists” – writers and reporters for NPR and other publications that specialize in books, or
music, or film. Recent episodes have featured segments on ‘Pitch Perfect 2‘, and’Tomorrowland‘, and every show finishes out with each panel member talking about something that “made them happy this week”, which might be a suggestion of a new film to watch, or a classic book that they picked up for the first time.

If you’re noticing a similarity between that segment and this post, it’s completely intentional; I liked the idea so much I decided to borrow it. I felt it only right to use the inaugural Folly of the Week to link and give credit to the source of the idea.

Pop Culture Happy Hour is released every Friday and can be found at or through your favorite podcast app. (The Verge just did a write up on the best podcast apps for iPhone and Android, if you need suggestions.)

– Andrew