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January at the Movies

Earlier last year the podcast The Big Picture from The Ringer did a mini-series called ‘Gene and Roger’ about the famous movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. The eight episodes follow the pair from the beginning of their partnership through their deaths. While I certainly remember their presence in the media landscape, I was too young to appreciate their work, so hearing this series has only reinforced my love of movies and cinema. As many of you know, I already spend a lot of my time watching movies – I had MoviePass back when that was a thing, and I subscribe to AMC A-List for the same reason – but listening to the series made me realize how much fun I have talking about and recommending films to friends.

With that in mind, each month I plan to look through the upcoming releases and list out the four or five movies I am the most excited about seeing. Despite the fact that January has a number of big-budget horror and thriller films, I have never been a big fan of the genre, so don’t expect much from that category. Sorry!

  • The 355 – Theaters, out January 7th
  • The Tragedy of MacBeth – AppleTV+, out January 14th
  • The Tender Bar – Theaters, out January 17th
  • A Hero – Prime Video, out January 21st

PS – If you are interested in listening to ‘Gene and Roger’, you can find a multimedia version of the first episode here – How Siskel and Ebert Came to Be | Part 1: “I Must Destroy Him” | Gene and Roger