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GT | News Center :: Glee Club Surprises Clough at Retirement Reception

A few months ago I was asked to accompany some of the current Georgia Tech Glee Club members on a trip to DC to surprise former GT President G Wayne Clough during his retirement celebration from his post as Secretary of the Smithsonian. We caught some of the performances on film, and Georgia Tech just posted a really nice write up of the experience (with links to the youtube videos!).

GT | News Center :: Glee Club Surprises Clough at Retirement Reception.

The trip was an absolute blast, and seeing some of the alumni that I haven’t seen in 4+ years was a lot of fun. And the sound! It was definitely the best I’ve ever heard the Glee Club in the nearly 10 years that I’ve been participating and attending GC concerts. In many ways it was an All-Star Glee Club.

Glee Club itself was such an amazing experience for me. As Zack Dunda said in the article, it helped me form many lasting friendships, helped me develop leadership skills, and helped bolster my comfort on and off the stage – all things that influence me to this day. It also gave me the opportunity to do many things I would never have had the chance to do. During my time in the group, we traveled to Washington DC to sing at Clough’s inauguration, the California coast, England/Scotland/Whales, and even New York City to sing in Carnegie Hall.

I’m so glad I participated in Glee Club at Georgia Tech, but I encourage everyone, even people who just sing in the shower, to keep singing! Find a community choir, church choir, something – and if you’re at Georgia Tech, consider joining the GT Glee Club.