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March at the Movies

I’m running (very) late with this month, but here is this month’s movie recommendations!

The Batman – Theaters, March 1st

This was on my list before I saw it, but now I can doubly recommend it. I was surprised how excited I was for *another* Batman reboot, but the cast had me hooked, and the darker tone shown in the trailer piqued my interest.

The Adam Project – Netflix, March 11th

Ryan Reynolds. Enough said.

The Outfit – Theaters, March 18th

I really can’t tell if this is a spy thriller, or a mob thriller, or some amalgam of both? In either case, the tension conveyed in the trailer caught my eye. Excited to check this one out.

Everything Everywhere All At Once – Theaters, March 25th

This film looks trippy, but so very interesting. With both Marvel and DC dipping into the idea of the multiverse, it’ll be fun to see a take not tethered to either of those mythos’. And googly eyes!