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Oh boy has life been full of life over the past few months. I finalized my divorce, moved in with my girlfriend, took on parenting duties for a 6-7-8 month old wild child (who is currently screeching like a pterodactyl), and now I’m working on selling my house and moving the remaining items into storage. Has this stopped me from going to the movies? NOPE! But it has put a limit on my ability to stop and write about it. Since things are finally starting to settle into a routine, I have time to post the last few months of recommendations with more abbreviated blurbs than usual. So, without further ado –

April at the Movies

Renfield – Theaters, April 24th (Peacock, June 9th)

Nic Cage as Dracula? Ok!

Chevalier – Theaters, April 21st (Hulu, June 16th)

Based on the true story of composer Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, the illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner, who rises to heights in French society as a composer before an ill-fated love affair.


Sisu – Theaters, April 28th (Max, TBA)

“The most fun you can have watching Nazis get destroyed” touts the trailer.

Polite Society – Theaters, April 28th

Ritu Arya plays Lena, a girl with aspirations of becoming a stunt woman. When she discovers her sister is being lied to about her impending marriage, she and her friends must intervene. I enjoy a good action comedy, and the trailer for this one makes it look quite fun.

May at the Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – Theaters, May 5th

The final entry in the James Gunn Guardians trilogy and the final hoorah of this particular lineup. These movies have been absolutely fantastic – learning about these characters, watching them develop relationships. And the soundtracks!

I read a bunch of the GotG run when the comic book relaunched in 2008 which lead to me reading up on many of the characters origins and backstories. I knew the comic version of Rocket’s origin story, and I enjoyed Gunn’s take on it, even as he modified the story to include the High Evolutionary.

Book Club: The Next Chapter – Theaters, May 12th

This film snuck up on me, and I still haven’t seen a full trailer for it. Even so, I’m recommending it on the strength of the returning ensemble cast and how much I adored the first film.

Air – Prime Video, May 12th

Spoiler: Nike signs Michael Jordan.

STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie – AppleTV+, May 12th

Children of the 80’s will always have a soft spot for Michael J. Fox. STILL is an autobiography, of sorts, and I’ve seen many reviews already singing it’s praises.

June at the Movies

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Theaters, June 2nd

This is one of the movies I’ve been looking forward to the most all year. I found the first movie revelatory with it’s onscreen blend of a myriad of art styles while telling a moving origin story for Miles Morales. As of today, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has the best performing opening weekend so far this calendar year and I hope that’s indicative of the reception this movie will receive.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts – Theaters, June 9th

I grew up watching the Transformers shows on Cartoon Network and, like many my age, had numerous Transformers toys. I enjoyed the first few Michael Bay adaptations, but with screen writer and cast changes, I really lost the thread (arguably so did Bay). The Bumblebee relaunch was fun and I’m hoping Steven Caple – who previously directed The Land and Creed II – can walk the line between camp and action. The addition of a Transformer voiced by Pete Davidson is a promising start.

Elemental – Theaters, June 16th

The newest Disney/Pixar film asks if fire and water can mix. Writer and Director Peter Sohn has served as part of Pixar’s Senior Creative team since 2015, though his Directorial debut was The Good Dinosaur, so there is certainly a bit of trepidation as well.

Asteroid City – Theaters, June 23rd

WES ANDERSON! I’m not sure if it’s directly related to this movie’s release or not, but there has been an explosion Wes Anderson reels and tiktoks over the last month. It’s wild to me just how distinct his style is – the colors, the framing, the pacing – distinct enough that it can be distilled down and parodied. Combine that very specific style with his fantastic ensemble casts and you get a movie going experience that only Wes Anderson can provide