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Site updates and move to Letterboxd

I like WordPress for its simplicity, but sometimes relying on the available themes and plugins can lead to various issues. After fiddling with the site and plugin preferences to try to fix a plugin error that I was seeing on the WordPress Dashboard, I somehow irreparably broke the previous theme and layout I was using. Instead of trying to fix it I decided…

It’s time for a NEW LOOK!

Enter Maicha Blog by Nomadic Guy. I’ve already spent too much time playing with the colors (and finding the correct CSS tags to modify), but it’s a great theme with lots of bells and whistles. Because of the amount of content I generate (read: not that much), I’m still figuring out the best layout for the front page. Expect some minor tweaking, but I’m really liking the overall aesthetic.

In other news! The plugin that was throwing errors was also the plugin I was using to track my movie list – I’m looking at you WPMovieLibrary – and for the life of me I could not figure out how to get it to behave without making the Dashboard look like a printer had thrown up. As if by providence, I had been waiting for an excuse to move over to letterboxd.com anyway! Letterboxd is like foursquare but for movies. You can add any past movies you’ve already seen, and keep a diary of movies as you watch them. It has ratings, reviews – everything a healthy body budding cinephile needs. If you click ‘the cinephile’ in the menu bar, it will take you directly to my letterboxd profile. Check it out and join if you’ve a mind to. I’d love more friends to share my cinema passion with!