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June and July at the Movies

It finally happened, I got so late in a month I didn’t get the monthly movie recs posted at all! So here we go –

Fire Island – Hulu, June 3rd

Pride and Prejudice and LGBT+

Jurassic World Dominion – Theaters, June 10th

Life…uh…finds a way.

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande – Hulu, June 17th

Emma Thompson sex tape.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On – Theaters, June 24th

Sometimes people say my head is too big for my body, and then I say “Compared to what?”

Marcel the Shell (with Shoes On)

Thor: Love and Thunder – Theaters, July 8th

I admit that I am still a sucker for Marvel movies. I can’t help it. Really looking forward to Christian Bale, too!

The Deer King – Theaters, July 15th

I don’t really know the provenance of this film, but it certainly seems to have some Miyazaki DNA in it. Looks like a moving story.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris – Theaters, July 15th

I can honestly say I hadn’t seen anything about this movie until I was looking through the trailers for July, but it looks like an incredibly fun story with an very likable lead in Lesley Manville.

The Gray Man – Netflix, July 22nd

Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, and Chris Evans in an action movie directed by the Russo Brothers? Yes please.