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September at the Movies

Unlike last month, September is a busy month in the movie world. Tons of releases on streaming, new movies in theaters, and a number of high profile rereleases due to upcoming TV and film releases. I’ll stick to new content for my recommendations, but I’m definitely excited to see Avatar in theaters again as well as Encanto for Disney+ day!

See How They Run – Theaters 9/16

Saoirse Ronan and Sam Rockwell lead this murder mystery with Adrian Brody, Ruth Wilson and David Oyelowo. The banter between Ronan and Rockwell looks quite charming from the trailer – I chuckled more than once at Ronan’s Constable Stalker. Hopefully whoever cut the trailer didn’t include all the laugh worthy moments of the film.

Confess, Fletch – Theaters 9/16

The director for this film, Greg Mottola, was behind both Adventureland and Superbad – not my favorite films – but also some episodes of The Newsroom, so my hopes for this comedy are somewhat high. Jon Hamm plays an investigative reporter and the prime suspect of multiple homicides trying to clear his name. Comedy/Crime movies can be a lot of fun when done correctly, and I think Hamm’s acting chops are up to the challenge.

Lou – Netflix 9/23

ALLISON JANNEY! I’ll be real with you – I will watch anything with Allison Janney in it. I even considered switching to Kaiser Permanente. Her role on West Wing back in the day is one of my favorite characters on any television show (obligatory link to The Jackal). Here she plays a grizzled, retired spook of some kind living off the grid in the mountains. When Jurnee Smollett’s daughter is kidnapped during a storm, she enlists the help of Janney’s eponymous Lou to track the kidnappers and rescue her daughter. Sadly, I think my biggest regret about this movie will be that it wasn’t released in theaters. The cinematography of the mountains and woods is gorgeous in the trailer. Maybe it will get a screen day in the future?

A Jazzman’s Blues – Netflix 9/23

Tyler Perry’s latest film. Premiered at TIFF to positive reviews. The only actor I recognize from this cast list is Ryan Eggold (New Amsterdam, Blacklist), but I’m a sucker for movies with musical themes.